Essential Accessories You Need

So you got yourself a Harley Davidson to ride. Maybe for years. Maybe for a weekend. Put on your flip-flops and a tank top and let’s hit the road. Waaaaait a minute…. Flip-flops? Tank top? This might cut on scooter. Barely. Harley Davidson riders know that what you have on is as essential as the bike you are riding. If you are lucky enough to ride the real-deal on 2 wheels, here are some accessories you should consider. Trying to decide how to enjoy you Harley ride can come later.

1. Head: the helmet. The most important part of the body is the head and motorcyclists cannot emphasize this fact enough. The helmet protects the brain, the main engine of all man’s activities.

2. Eyes. Protect your eyes with a pair of glasses that will suit your needs. You can find a lot of specifications on these essential that protect your optics. From the simplest to titanium dioxide coated safety lens. Quality motor biking glasses protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays, glare and flying objects.

3. Body: a jacket. This will protect you from the elements. This is true especially on long tours that take more than a day. Jackets are mostly made from leather material, but with ingenious designs, make them wearable winter, spring, summer or fall. Jackets now come with a removable liner that can allow you to be warm on the colder days and cooler during hot rides. Vents are also great in jackets since they allow air to circulate in and heat to exhaust.

4. Your ride is in your hands. Gloves are an essential part of riding. It provides you with that added comfort on long tours with your Harley Davidson. When riding, the hands are the most exposed and often times, ignored part of the body. The fact that those fleshy mitts do the handling, routing, and subtle and sometimes emergency usage of your brake, clutch and throttle, hence the main reason for the expression that in every ride you take, your life is in your hands! In threatening situations where you may miscalculate a maneuver, brake, clutch or throttle application that may lead to a crash, wearing a pair of gloves proves its purpose by preventing lacerations or minor punctures and gnashes to your hands. The purpose for wearing gloves is summarized in 2 parts, comfort and protection.

5. The legs and feet. The feet face more risks on a Harley ride. They are closest to the track and heated parts of the motorcycle. Your feet also keep you steady when you are stationary and on board your Harley Davidson. Boots are rather the most expensive motor biking gear. They are commonly made of leather and cut to an angle just below or above the knee. Commonly having an extended lower heel that primarily controls the bike by foot shifting. Different variations of riding boots have their own certain qualities, function and design.

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