The Intensity of Street Motorcycle Racing and War Zones

Picture a bar scene where a young 40s gentleman, clean cut and obviously at the top of his game sits near a Vietnam War Vet who was literally been through the Valley of Death and smelt and tasted hell on a personal level. The scruffy looking man, with some emotional scars sees the yuppie looking athletic gentleman next to him and thinks very little of his air of confidence.

There is no one else at the bar, the other people are playing cards or pool or off in the dark lit areas kickin it. So the two unlikely gentleman start talking and they get on the subject of common ground; Motorcycles. The Vietnam Vet has been all over on his Harley and the younger man use to race street bikes and mentions that it was a dangerous sport. The Vietnam Vet says you don’t know shet about danger, I was in Nam, you don’t get it.

The younger man says; Well, I know what you are saying, I felt the same way at the track when new riders would show up and think they were hot stuff. There would be squids talking smack at the track about some novice level first race. Yah, I understand where you are coming from and where you place me in your mind with regards to “getting it” but I am not a squid, I get it.

And I got it a time or two. F-it, shit happens and well I have had friends screw up off-track in canyons racing around, dead now, watched a guy bite it once at Laguna, another at Willow Springs, it happens, it sucks. But, until you been there, I think I question the BS too. I understand how you feel, I get it. I understand war too, no I have not been there and I thank you for serving our nation. My parents were not war protestors, I assure you that much.

Still the adrenaline and intensity in Motor Cycle Racing is something you cannot forget and in a way those impressions are worth something. It is part of you from then on. The addiction is a whole other issue, I mean the adrenaline. Hmmm? You got me thinking again, although I am getting way too old for that sheet, I must admit, I still think about the days.

Well, and he shakes his hand, I am glad you are able to talk about it. May Dad brought back some A-4 Skyhawk footage from his squadron; 10mm footage and played it in our garage, yah that was some serious stuff. He did 250 combat missions in Vietnam covering for you guys and lost a lot of his buddies too and my brother is in Iraq now in the USMC. I think our family gets it.

Still, I think we need to get Iran and Syria as they are the instigators, sponsors and funders of International Terrorism. So, I would say lets go kick some butt over there. I do not think the comments of me, not being in battle are relevant to my belief that we must solve the problem and get the real culprits of International Terrorism.

So when a liberal attacks my position, well, I have problem with weak men. I think they ought to cut that dam thing off, and get serious. I am glad you are not weak.

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